“Households of Faith” Presents The Gospel message for Families


Pope Francis’ Message today: His Vision & Call

The Joy of the Gospel : The New Evangelization & Our Call to Become Agents of the Good News

The Joy of Love: Living the Gospel of Family as a Truly Alive Domestic Church


The New evangelization through the Domestic church & the Parish Family

  • Pope Francis’s Challenge to the Christians World Wide: The Joy of Love
  • The Bishops’ Response: Forming Teams to Spread the Joy of the Gospel
  • The Knights of Columbus Response: Domestic Church Initiative
  • Pastoral Ministry Organizations and Movements: CFM & NACFLM & LDA
  • Parish Renewal, Family Leadership Formation and Family Relationships

How do we apply 
The Gospel message to Family Life ?

The Joy of Love: Living as an Aware Domestic Church

Applied to the Local Church in Cardinal Wuerl’s Pastoral Message on Implementing “Amoris Laetitia”

HOW? In Five Practical ways through
  “the Households of Faith” Program:

  • Gives an Understanding of the Gospel Principles for Successful Family Living
  • Gives Married Couples a Better Way of Listening & Communicating Effectively
  • Gives Parents an Way to Gather their Family as a “Happier, Healthier & Holier” Home
  • Gives a to Help Couples Grow as Adult Christians thru a Support System & Approach
  • Gives the Whole Family a Better Way of Celebrating Sunday and Using Time Well

To Discover these Resources & Benefits  for You & Your Family

Today We Present in three Parts:

  • Home Church: Becoming a Dynamic Family in the Domestic Church
  • Family Teams: Finding Deeper Faith and Family Support
  • Parish Renewal: Celebrating Sunday as Family and Using Time Well

Let’s Accompany one another as Family and Household of Faith!

First Step - Forming a Domestic Church in your household:

  • Considering the Knights of Columbus Initiative and Domestic Church Program: The Family Fully Alive! Which embodies Pope Francis’ Invitation and Message
  • What Gets in the Way: Obstacles of Everyday Family Living?
  • What is Our Choice: Choosing between Secular-Worldly vs. Mission-Goal Living
  • Using the Booklet Make a “Family Decision” to Pray Daily and Mid-Weekly at Home
  • What are the best Prayer Styles for Your Growing Family?
  • How Can Grandparents Help in the Intergenerational Household/Family?
  • Decide on a Schedule: Fill Out the “Family Prayer and Time” Worksheet

Second step: growing in faith through like-to-like teams

  • Using the CFM Observe-Judge-Act Process consider how this Method Can Empower!
  • What Ways Can we connect Like-to-Like: As Couples, As Parents, As Families?
  • Thru Family-to-Family through Serving in Our Council and Parish
  • Looking at Various Successful Models of Basic Households of Faith Groups
  • Why is the CFM Model a proven and successful Way of Support and Growth?
  • What ways Can Couples: as Parents, as Spouses and as Household Leaders Lead?
  • When Can We – Couples & Families -- Get Started on a Monthly Gathering?
  • How is this Possible to Schedule and Carry Out a Family-to-Family Gathering?
  • Where Can We Gather Monthly: In Parish Hall, at Knights’ Lodge or in Homes?

Third step: Finding our Family’s call  true purpose and our Family Mission

  • How do you come to learn Your Family’s Vocation/Call as a Mission-Centered Home?
  • What’s the difference between one’s Individual Vocation and a Family’s Call to Serve?
  • If we heard God’s Word for Us as a Household of Faith, what’s the next (i.e., Third) Step?
  • Deciding to “Actualize” our Domestic Church: “Families become, what you are!” (Pope St John Paul II)
  • The Christian/Catholic “Family Fully Alive”: Committing to a “Way of Life”.
  • Family Dedication and Commitment: A Family Ritual & Dedication with Pledge for the Future!

We Need a New Way of Living as Families:

Call to Become Fully Alive!

Going from Passive to Active

Building a Domestic Church

Finding Support & Purpose

Focusing on God’s Plan

Mother and Child
DSC_4133-B copy

Making a Family Sunday Plan:

Question: When is there an appropriate time and place in Your Home to have an Commitment Prayer and Mission Statement, Scripture Reading, Family Intercessions, Act of Dedication, Family Bible and Photos in a Family Special Place & Family Crest?

Key Family Practices as a “Household of Faith”:

   1) Family Sunday Worship Together;

   2) Family-Centered Meal or Event; and

   3) Family-Team Outreach embodying the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy

Action: Making Time to Become a Purpose-Driven Household*

  Consider: Cardinal O’Malley’s & Pastor Rick Warren’s

Challenge to Christian Families at World Meeting of Families

We need a Destination, a Map & a Guide

  • Why are we together?

Answer: As a Household of Faith & Domestic Church – God’s Plan

  • Where are we going?

Answer: As a Family we are heaven-bound with an Earthy Pilgrimage

  • How do we get there?

Answer: Responding to God’s call we share a Family Vision & Mission


Practical Steps: how to become Alive as an active “Household of faith”!

  • Use the resources in your Packet given you today
  • Have a Family Meeting within a Week as Outlined
  • Try a Small Family Circle Gathering within a Month
  • Make Decision for Your Family’s “Household of Faith”
  • Learn How to Use the Listening & Responding Process
  • Discover How to Experience the O-J-A Small Group Building Process
  • Experiencing the “Five Stages of the Domestic Church”
  • Regenerative Strategies for Family and Parish Communities

Follow-thru: Where do we go from here?   becoming a “household of Faith” – Domestic Church fully alive!

  • First Level: Start Now! Hear Your Call to Renewal of Gospel!
  • Second level: This Week Begin Family Prayer as a “Way of Life”
  • Third level: Use K of C Booklet & Commit to Becoming a Real Domestic Church
  • Fourth level: Pledge: Commit, Connect and Consecrate Your Home
  • Fifth level: Set Out on Better Use of Time by Family Sunday Living
Family Church

Review of session and resource Kit

  • Discover: Opening Overview: Our Family Called to Become a Household of Faith
  • Explore: Step One – Domestic Church and Daily Family Prayer
  • Support: Step Two – Meet Monthly in Small Groups with Families and Couples
  • Commit: Step Three – Commit to Being an Alive Household of Faith
  • Celebrate: Becoming Successful as a Healthier, a Happier, Holier Family
  • See CFM Beginning Handbook: “For Happier Families” with Special Audio-Visual

Introductions to Handbook and to Each Chapter for Parent & Leadership Development

Take another Look!

What have we just experienced?

  • Reflect on Pope’s Call to Families
  • Decide what can Our Family Do
  • Ask God’s Help through Prayer
  • Act with Courage and Faith
  • Receive the Grace & Blessings

Our Intergenerational Family Acts


A “Way of Life” as Households of Faith Accompanying one another

  • Who is leading us in our Domestic Church & Household of Faith?
  • Why is it important to have a spiritual purpose/mission and practical plan?
  • What are the challenges and benefits to us as Christian Families?
  • Whence (From Where) have we as a Pilgrim People (God’s Family) come?
  • Whither (To Where) is our Destiny and Goal?
  • Therefore: The Big Question Remains: How do we get there?

Take this with You: The Gospel of Love

  • What have we heard about God’s “Gospel” Vision and Mission for us as Households of Faith?
  • Are we truly open to the Movement of God’s Holy Spirit?
  • If so, are we ready to get started on a new journey of Faith accompanying each other in the Church led by God’s Vision of Marriage & Family, having a Plan and Purpose and prepared with this Three-Fold Strategy that guides, supports and empowers us to achieve the God-Given Goal of Becoming Happier, Stronger and Successful as God’s Beloved Sons and Daughters providentially guided by Pope Francis’ Proclamation and Encouragement to become the Church of the Future: Families of faith, joy and love!
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Decide to Take Action!

  • Discover the Pope’s Vision of Domestic
  • Explore how this Relates to Your Family’s Call
  • Pray Together and Decide on A Plan and Strategy
  • Dedicate Your Household to God’s Plan
  • Carry Out Your Commitment at Home & in Your Parish

Three Activities for becoming
a Dynamic Household of Faith

  • Christian Families Have a Mission
  • Learn Process is Key in Basic Groups
  • Commit to a Purpose-Driven Family
3 groups

Five Do-Able Steps and Practices

Do These Five Important Tasks for Your Domestic Church

To Carry Our God’s Plan as a true Household of Faith

  1. Call: Discover your New Family Vocation: Learn from God’s Call and Pope Francis’ New Evangelization through Families that you have a Divine Call (Vocation), Plan and Mission.
  1. Home: Build a Domestic Church: Become an Alive and Active Domestic Church by Intentionally Becoming s a Household of Faith by Hearing God’s Call, by Praying and by Merciful Caring for both family Members and Others in need.
  1. Commit: Be a Dedicated Household: State your Purpose and Mission in an Action Plan for a new “Way of Life” as a Household of Faith.
  1. Support: Join Small Mission Groups: Gather at least monthly or seasonally in a Small CFM Circle of Families as a Support Group, as a Praying Community and as a Leadership Team.
  1. Observe: Find the Joy of Sunday: Commit to Sunday Observance, Family Celebration and Gospel Outreach on Lord’s Day as a family.

Thank You for Your Attention!

  • Your Household of Faith Is Very Important to Family Peace & Success!
  • With Your Spouse Review the Packet
  • With Your Family Sign A Sunday Pledge
  • Make Your Own Family’s Plan of Action & Mission Statement
  • Commit to Live God’s Plan for Your Family as a Household of Faith
  • Collaborate With Other Christian Families as Missionary Disciples
  • In Your Parish & Wider Community Become Servant-Leaders and Models of Compassion & Positive Change Agents!